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Braking Away Cycling Tours Gordon Geraghty

"With the possible

exception of the 


starts somewhere"

CS Lewis


Hi and cheers for visiting

My name is Gordon Geraghty, or just Gordo if you like.

I got into cycling in the mid 1980s as a kid when Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche, Paul Kimmage and Martin Earley (the fab four) were a big deal in The Tour de France. Being Irish, this was a big deal seeing not one, but four Irishmen winning stages, jerseys and the big prize, Le Tour itself.

Braking Away Cycling Tours



"May the Road,

Rise up to Meet You"

Irish Proverb

Braking Away Cycling Tours


Back in the Saddle

25 years had passed, it was time to get back

on the bike and turn my dreams into a reality.

I started getting serious about cycling about ten years ago and began a series of Charity Cycles around Europe in aid of Chernobyl Children International. It started as a bit of craic (Irish for a laugh) but once it all started to kick in, it motivated me more and more as I travelled around the continent, meeting people, connecting online and felt an amazing amount of support.

Braking Away Cycling Tours

It Gave Me

Time to Reflect

"The Twix Bar

wasn't filling 

the Hunger"

Gordon Geraghty

Braking Away Cycling Tours


Was Missing.

Sunrises, Sunsets, Beautiful Landscapes and The Most Incredible Experiences Need to be Shared. 

Apart from the incredible people, hospitality and wonderful places that I cycled through and stayed along my routes, there was one small thing missing: I was living in a tent and eating off a gas cooker but had no one to share my experiences with.

So a light bulb flashed when I got back to Ireland and I created Braking Away Cycling Tours. (In case you’re asking – Breaking Away is the best film about amateur cycling – ever.)

Braking Away Cycling Tours

Roads End

But Memories Last Forever

"They lived and

loved and laughed

and left"

James Joyce

Braking Away Cycling Tour

Show your dreams to someone else

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.

Life is so endlessly delicious.

What I’m all about is showing you the kinds of experiences I loved on my travels on a bike – and without the tents, gas lit dinners and Twix Bars. In other words, all the joy and beauty of memorable cycling tours with a bit of well-earned luxury as a reward for a sore backside.

Hail, rain or shine – I’ll take you out there and around some jaw -dropping scenery, and you can eat, drink and be merry after, along with a comfy bed for the night.


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