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South West Itinerary
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South West Tour

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Kilkenny Castle

Day One

   This is where your adventure begins. We have two pick up points for our tours. One in Dublin Carlton Airport hotel and the second at Cork Train station.

Dublin pick up point - We will meet you at the hotel and after a short briefing and introduction, we head south west.

   As the journey is a little over 5 hours, we will be stopping off for lunch in the medieval town of Kilkenny. Here you will be given time to visit the grand Kilkenny Castle which was built in 1195 and boasts some of the most stunning gardens in Ireland.  

   After lunch, it's a straight run to Kenmare where your hotel equipped with health spa awaits you.

   Cork pick up point - Our crew will meet you at the train station and drive you directly to your hotel in Kenmare to join up with your fellow guests. Journey time 90 mins

   We host a dinner on the first and last night of each tour. The dinner is a great way to get to know each other a little bit and also run through the schedule for week ahead.

Day Two - 80km Elevation Gain 1090m

   We set off from the town of Kenmare and head west along the Beara peninsula. After an gentle warm up, we turn south and visit the first climb of the day - The Healy Pass. Created in 1847 during the famine years, it snakes its way through desolate but otherworldly landscape. A beautiful climb with spectacular views of Glanmore lake.

   At the summit, we find ourselves standing in front of a decent that would match any in Europe. The serpentine road descends down to the town of Adrigole. Here you will have a choice of jumping on the support vehicle or spinning the 18km coastal road to Glengarriff where we will have lunch.

   After a well deserved bit to eat, we head for our second climb of the day. A short testing climb through Glengarrif wood and  Nature Reserve to the summit of the Caha pass. A spectacular road that will bring you through Ireland's only historic road tunnel and we will even stop off at an award winning chocolatiers to taste some home made treats.

   Once over the top, we have l a long scenic decent all the way back to our hotel. The Beara Peninsula is one of the most spectacular and beautiful places to visit in Ireland. Mountain Passes, Lakes, Picturesque Towns, Colourful Villages, Flora and Fauna. The Beara Peninsula has it all.​

Glanmore Lake, Kerry_Web Size.jpg
Healy Pass_Web Size (1).jpg

Ring of Beara

Healy Pass

Day Three - 69km Elevation Gain 792m

   Today, we head into County Kerry and take our first pedal strokes on the world famous Ring of Kerry. First stop is the town of Sneem. A charming village with colourful houses and characters.

   After a short coffee stop, it's onto the first and only climb of the day. Molls Gap. Stunning views of the  Macgillycuddy Reeks and Irelands largest mountain, Carountoohill on one side and The Gap of Dunloe on the other. There's plenty of photo opportunities on this climb.

   Moll’s Gap is named after Moll Kissane. She was famous for her poitin (pronounced (put-cheen), which is a high-potency alcohol made from potatoes, which was traditionally distilled in a small pot.

   Just past Molls Gap at the summit is Ladies View  with beautiful panoramic views of the Killarney Lakes, The name stems from the appreciation of the view given by Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting during their visit here in 1861. It is generally agreed to be one of the finest views in the country.

  Then a downhill spin to the town of Killarney. for a dip in the hotel pool or rest the legs in the sauna. 


Ring Of Kerry

Healy Pass

Ring of Kerry

Day Four - 56km Elevation Gain 655m

   Prepare yourself to go back in time. Today we cycle through history.  The Gap of Dunloe is one of the most stunningly beautiful parts of County Kerry and indeed Ireland. Stretching through the MacGuillicuddy Reeks mountain range, this beautiful glacial valley simply must be experienced to be appreciated. Ride under towering cliffs and experience the untouched landscape of ancient Ireland.

   Of course a must is a visit to Kate Kearney's cottage. Kate was a well known beauty in Ireland in the years before the famine (1845 - 1849). The cottage is now a family run restaurant and has been on the go for over 150 years.

   Once through the Gap of Dunloe, we enter The Black Valley.  Peace, tranquillity and breath taking scenery with waterfalls and changing colours to keep you company. It's like entering another dimension. Think Lord of The Rings without the Orcs!!

   Then we visit Molls Gap for a second time and a downhill spin past the Killarney lakes to our hotel. Definitely our favourite day of the tour.    

Ring of Kerry_Web Size.jpg

Gap of Dunloe


Ladies View

gap of D map.jpeg

Ladies View

Day Five - 75km Elevation Gain 853m

   Day Five and it's time to hit the coast and cycle part of  The Wild Atlantic Way. Welcome to Dingle. Spend time in a place rich in tradition, literature and culture, where native Gaelic (Irish language) prospers alongside modern languages, where the perfect harmony created by nature restores the spirit, where you can relax and savour the scenery,

   A much flatter route than previous days, we will cycle along the magnificent coastline consisting of steep sea-cliffs such as Slea Head, dramatic headlands broken by sandy beaches, with the award-winning beach at Inch.

It's beauty has attracted movie productions such as Star Wars, Far and Away and David Lean's epic Ryan's Daughter. National Geographic named it one of the most beautiful places on earth while Trip Advisor voted it one of  the top 100 places to visit in the world.

   And if that's not enough for you, we will give you the option of cycling up one of Ireland's greatest climbs. The Conor Pass. The Conor Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in Ireland, and provides the most dramatic and scenic way of crossing from the north to south coast of the Dingle Peninsula. The choice is yours.  Either way,you are in for a beautiful spin today.


Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula, Co_Web Size
Great Blasket Accommodation_Web Size.jpg

Dingle Peninsula

Inch Beach

Day Six - 75km Elevation Gain 667m

   Our final day of cycling. For the final stage we leave the mountains of hills of Cork and Kerry and head North towards The Burren.

   We drive for 90 minutes to take a ferry across the Shannon Estuary to Co Clare.  Back on the bikes and  continue on our Wild Atlantic Way journey through a landscape like no other. At times you will feel you are cycling on another planet, Welcome to The Burren.  

   What first hits you is the silence. It’s a silence as layered as the undulating landscape itself, filled with the riches of Irish history; of aeons of stories, told and untold.

   All around you is pale grey stone ribboned with crags and crevices; miniature cliffs spread like mosaics as far as the horizon; and a microcosm of Ireland’s wildlife thrives.​

   Unsurprisingly, the Burren has been the source and site of symbolism and settlement since time immemorial. Perhaps most famous is Poulnabrone, a gravity-defying portal dolmen that’s perched here for over 5,800 years, guarding the remains of 22 people buried over the course of six centuries.

   Last stop, The Cliffs Of Moher where the sea spray fills the air with the invigorating freshness of the Wild Atlantic Way, it’s hard not to feel as though you’re braving the ocean from the prow of a magnificent ship. To make the most of the magic, nothing quite beats a wind-whipped trek across the cliff top to finish off your week with Braking Away Irish Cycling Tours.,

Poulnabrone Dolmen, The
The Burren_Web Size.jpg

The Burren

Cliffs of Moher_Web Size.jpg

Cliffs of Moher

moher large.jpeg
elevation moher.jpeg

Day Seven

   After a well overdue lie in, it's finally time to pack the bikes away,  put on something that does not contain lycra and head for the hills. But this time on four wheels. Both support vehicles will  return to Dublin, however if you have alternative arrangements. Please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

   All we ask is that you keep in touch. While our tour is over, we like to remain as a group. It's only a short trip of three hours to Dublin and we stop off in the city centre and the Carlton Airport Hotel.

   It's never easy saying goodbye to our clients but we will have a page set up for you all to keep in contact and share your photos on. And hopefully we will see you again on our tours. You are always welcome back.


Dublin City, Kayaking on the River Liffe
Molly Malone Statue.jpg

Dublin City

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